Mpila Imfolozi

Mpila Camp Imfolozi Park

Mpila Camp In Imfolozi Park

Mpila Camp is located in the south of the 2 game parks Hluhluwe-Imfolozi, flatter terrain than Hilltop,

it is the best game viewing in winter Mpila is the second largest camp in the game park after Hilltop Camp  Mpila accommodation is all self-cater

A more rustic and adventurous section of the park. most of it runs on solar power and generators lanterns and firelight. These are for the wilder traveler at heart, Often at night hyena come right into camp.

Mpila accommodation, are all en-suite and full kitchens. They are pretty basic but provide all you need.

The camp only offers single beds and the game park is very strict about occupancy in the units,

A cell phone doesn't work well in the camp. There are always staff around for your needs.

You need to be more prepared when staying at Mpila Imfolozi, make sure to bring all the needed supplies.

Check twice three times. There is no restaurant Like Hilltop.

A small shop with basic foodstuffs, like bread/milk/frozen meat and sometimes ice & firewood..

They often run out of supplies so please make sure you bring all you need.

Best to shop. on the way to the game park...




R 1430 Per-Night 2 adults

4-bed safari tent

R 2145 Per-Night 4 adults


R 1430 Per Night 2 adults


R 2860 Per-Night 5 adults


R 3575 Per-Night 7 adults


It's a popular place with the local south Africans. Reason, most South Africans grow-up  camping around the Big5,

So they tent to go for the more wild camps..  All the accommodation at Mpila is self-catering ...

There are no game fences, ( protective fence from wildlife)  around the camps so be careful...

Definitely no wandering off .. This park is full of animals.


The main reason it's so popular, out of all the Big5 game parks in South Africa there are more animals here per square..

Mpila Camps have fire pits for cooking outside and sitting back watching the stars and feeling the amazing wilderness.

When Lion's roar, you will never forget it, as it vibrates through you.

Makes you feel so insignificant.

There is much more to Imfolozi and Hluhluwe than the Big 5 we all want to see, Like many endangered animals,


The Honey Badger, Wild Dogs and so much more to name just 2..

The bird Life is out of this world if you are into birding, bring the longest/fastest camera lens you can afford.

Bigger is diff better when it come to wildlife photography LOL.

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