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Umfolozi or otherwise known as the Imfolozi Game Reserve is situated in the Southern section of the Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve.

The Umfolozi is easily accessible from St Lucia a world heritage site a mere 54km away. The Umfolozi previously a seperate reserve from the Hluhluwe is today joined as a whole park. This contributes greatly to the safari sense of the park and offers one easy access to Hluhluwe.

The Umfolozi or Imfolozi is regarded as the better of the two sides of the reserves as one it is closer to Durban, a lot quieter travic wise and by far more animal sightings. Regular safaris take place to the Umfolozi with awesome sightings. This side of the park allows one to travel to more water sources than its counterpart and therefore more sightings are virtually guaranteed. Residant Cheetah’s and African Wild Dogs are often spotted with the occassional kill. A top tip is to be patiant and drive slowly, to often guides are amazed to see visitors driving fast to try and get to see as much as possible and in so doing miss so many great sightings. Centenery in the Umfolozi gives one a insight into the Game Capture Procedures with audio and visual footage, ask the staff what animals are being held in the Bomas as sometimes animals are being translocated and this allows one a up close and personal view of some of the most endangered animals in the World

Umfolozi has it all, should you be in the area and would like an opportunity in witnessing the great Big 5 be it a organised safari or self drive or just need more information let us know or email us at

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