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African Wild Dog ( Lycaon Pictus ) Hluhluwe

GROUP: CARNIVORE Wild Dogs are the most specialised of all Dogs, hunt in packs and prey on medium sized Antelope.When they make a kill, they will swallow pieces of the meat and on returning to the den regurgitate it for the pups and injured individuals that may have stayed behind. Only the Alpha pair in…

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Sightings:8 Lions Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve

Hluhluwe Umfolozi game reserve Wild Dog sightingToday the 22 July 2010 has yet again proven to be the day in the Hluhluwe Game Reserve.All guests picked up this morning where welcomed by a suprisingley warm morning.Once all clients arrived at the gate ( Nylazi ) Umfolozi Game Reserve a quick chance to stretch those legs…

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