Hluhluwe Game Reserve Sightings Update

Hluhluwe Game Reserve-White Rhino Safari

With Summer one may now experience high tempretures and humid conditions, the area has received large amounts of rain both in the area and inland as well. The catchment areas has contributed to the various rivers flooding. This has inturn turned the Hluhluwe and Umfolozi Game Reserve into a natural paradise.

Our latest sightings to both Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve have been splendid with Lion, Wild Dog, Rhino ( Black & White ) and Cheetah. The rangers are travelling further south past Mpila Camp to get the sightings, so remember should one want to see the abovementioned species go South.

Mpila Camp is in the process of upgrading its generator to Eskom power and this means that time restrictions will soon be a thing of the past. The camps accommodations have been recently upgraded and now once again will make for a memorable stay. Guided walks and Night Drives are available however prebookings are essential to avoid dissapointment.