Hluhluwe Accommodation

hluhluwe accommodation

Hluhluwe Accommodation

Well, things have been filling up this year for Hluhluwe accommodation very fast. We thought the booking would slow down a bit, with the world bit in turmoil. But people never get tired of the wonder of the African bush and safaris in south Africa.

the reason is the big 5 African game. Like the Elephants .
Did you know , That African Elle's can way up to 6000kg that ( 6.6 tons ) and stand at over 10 feet high 3.5 m . That's big, biggest land animal in the world . These creatures always amaze me and leave me thinking . The seem almost human at times. The way there treat their babies , the whole group watch out for them and take turns babysitting , even their older brothers and sisters watch out for the little bubbas ...

Elephants use their trunk for smelling, breathing, detecting vibrations, caressing their young, sucking up water, and grasping objects. The tip of their trunk is comprised of two opposable extensions, or fingers, which allow for extreme dexterity.

Watching the babies and family together is so inspiring to me .
There have been stories told that there was a lady who worked with wales, recording their sound ( talking to each other ) , that she I can't remember her name ( sorry ) , well anyway she decided to see with her special recording equipment , to record elephants .

So after she started and reviewed the recordings she found that the very very low frequency the spoke in could travel miles and that the elephants could take to each other miles away .

She said that through a network of Elle family they would relay messages , across Africa. ? Holly molly , so as she said elephants in south Africa were talking to elephants in Zimbabwe on the same day .

That blows my mind ... Both male and female else's have to tusks and are basically their mothers , they use them for all kinds of lifting and moving things around mostly trees.

So this is why it's such a privilege to come to Hluhluwe / Imfolozi and stay in the park . The Hluhluwe accommodation is great well priced , ( make link to rate page ) .. The Hluhluwe side most popular with people who are new to the bush as it has a bit more amenities , Like the restaurant and Pub at Hilltop Camp ...The Hilltop Camp offers 2 and 4-bed chalets self-cater and none .very private secluded each unit, with all you need to cook and have a great time in the self-cater units. There is a budget offer , the Rondavels .

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There is a great pool at Hilltop To cool off as it gets Hot hot in summer , ( Nov to July . The game park is a low risk for malaria , but its always best to check with your doctor before coming ...

But make no mistake there are mozys , big ones here in the African Bush .AT Hluhluwe / Imfolozi they offer game drives 3hr ( R300 pp 250 kids)
sorry no kids under 13ys old in the game drive trucks ...There are also guided safaris walks a must due ..Its a different kinda feeling walking in the wild without the protection of the 4x4 .

You feel more a part of the bush .There will an experienced guide with you, armed who in most cases grew up in the bush right in the area. These trackers, knowing every move, footprint, smell, and sound , these guys love what they do and you will too. Its life changing really .

So give family kids a present they will never ever forget .
bookings can be made here with average price to get idea .
But dont wait this really is a top destination in Africa and books out very fast , we are already booking mid next year ...There are some spots left for this year so drop us a email see what we still have available .

Till next time keep it frosty !

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